Oct 9, 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order at 3:07 p.m. by Dan Hunt. Fran Hamilton, Jim Blaylock, John Doub and Ron Mason were present. Dick and Vicki Garvey of North Beach Resort Management were also present, as well as approximately 50 members of the community.

BoD President Dan Hunt welcomed the residents, and introduced the Board members and North Beach Resort Management.

Cyn Cygler motioned to approve the 2009 Fall Community Meeting minutes, and the minutes were approved unanimously.

Ed Cornet, of OH-1, was introduced. He spoke to VOH regarding measures that were being taken by OH-1 to lessen the amount of unauthorized transit from VOH to OH-1, over privately owned OH-1 lots. The amount of signage will be increased, and Currituck County deputies will monitor those locations with the authority to issue citations for trespassing.

Guest speaker Lt. Jason Banks of the Currituck County Sheriff’s Department spoke to VOH regarding techniques to lessen the chances of homes being broken in:
• From May – Oct 2009, there were 48 calls placed to the Sheriff
• From May – Oct 2010, there were 61 calls placed to the Sheriff
• The increase in calls was largely due to reports of suspicious vehicles and/or people.
• Fireworks calls decreased from 13 to 6 over that same 2 year period.
• The number of domestic disputes (fights, etc) tripled over that period.
• Parking violations increased from 4 to 24, and $50 tickets are being issued to violators.
• Homeowners should keep documentation regarding electronics model and serial numbers.
• Keep an eye out for service provider / contractor activity.
• Alarms are a good feature for security, but there is normally a 10-minute delay in response time.
• Do not place the boxes from new televisions, etc in the trash where they are visible to passersby.
• Timer lighting systems are not an effective deterrent against break-ins.
• Call 911 for emergencies, and 232.2216 for non-emergencies.

Rich Sigal updated the VOH community on the FireWise program, and introduced the volunteers that have been assisting (Don, Walter, Bill, Jimmy):
• FireWise offers free assessments and recommendations upon request
• There is a sign up sheet for individual requests, and the overall community will be assessed as well
• House number (street number) visibility is very important
• Limiting the amount of debris/fuel for fire around and under homes is important also.
• Jim Blaylock presented the Treasurer report:
• 2009 books received an independent audit
• VOH is in a very strong financial position
• Monies are dispersed amongst several banking institutions to guard against institutional default

Vicki Garvey discussed the 2010 Operating budget:
• $7,830 positive variance anticipated over projected income
• Fitness Center and EC fees accounted for much of the surplus
• Several expense items exceeded budgeted levels:
• Auditor expense increased by $500
• General maintenance and upkeep increased by $5,000, largely due to oceanfront pool electrical repairs
• $2,500 in irrigation repairs
• $1,000 in extra pool maintenance
• $1,700 in packet printing expenses

Vicki and Dick Garvey discussed the Capital Repair & Replacement budget and 2011 Operating budget:
• Overage of $21,260 was largely due to the Storm Water Task Force (SWTF) 2011 Operating budget is based on conservative estimates
• $301,425 revenue estimated
• $5,855 expense decrease
• $2,200 increase in wages (adding back the Memorial Day weekend at the Lakeside pool)
• Utilities and Packet expenses have increased
• Projecting an addition of roughly$32,000 to the reserve fund

Q & A session regarding budget items:
• Estimating $10,000 in legal fees
• Estimating $18,000 for sports court
• 236 lots are in good standing
• 9 Bickford lots are in arrears
• 3-5 other lots have liens placed
• BoD will consider developing policy regarding public access to status and identity of delinquent dues
• BoD may consider bartering with regard to the lot adjacent to the Fitness Center

Vicki discussed amenity usage:
• FC staff did a great job: Karen L, Karen M, Andrea, Jody, and Richard
• Average number of daily users up to 27.1 from 24.5 prior year
• Revenue YTD through September is $53,400, +12.3% over 2009
• Trying to determine best method to assess RAP success
• Enter surveys not tabulated yet
• Pool usage was up: Lakeside +38.2%, Oceanfront +51.5%
• Stu Stuart suggested installation of pool heater
• Phil questioned lack of signage that bans alcohol in pool area
• Sharky’s revenue increased 11.2% to approx $6,500, and profit roughly +30%

Dick Garvey discussed 2010 Capital Projects & 2011 Capital Budget:
• Several projects were deferred to future years in order to fund the SWTF
• Lakeside Pool building roof
• FC handicap access replacement
• OF pool concrete
• Sports Court
• North Sandcastle beach access repair
• Sandcastle Drive asphalt
• Slide show was presented to show progress and completed projects
• 2011 Capital Budget involves several carryover projects from 2010 as well as completion of the Homeport Court Drainage project
• Further scrutinization of the Reserve Study may identify funds available
• Discussed (in response to Phil Baker) the need to identify and plan for the clean up and removal of storm debris.
• Possibly set up a center for hurricane preparedness
• Find out what our insurance covers
• Briefly discussed the subject of an aerator for the lake
• Lake is currently testing well and does not need an aerator
• Signage was requested for “catch and release” policy
• Homeowners adjacent to the lake are cautioned regarding the types of fertilizers used which may drain off into the lake

Statements from the potential candidates were read by Dan Hunt:
• 2 vacant positions and 2 potential nominees – Bernadette McLoughlin and Frank Cetera. Neither candidate was able to attend the meeting.
• VOH bylaws do not require candidate attendance
• Question was asked as to why another notice was not sent out to solicit additional candidates – not required per bylaws
• Question was asked why the Board consists of 5 and not 7 – because there were rarely 7 candidates available.
• Brief discussion on the need to further study the bylaws
• Arlene used email voting as an example needing scrutiny

Voting took place for 2011 BoD candidates and 2011 Budget

Committee reports were given:
Environmental Committee:
• Dan thanked the 2010 members Cyn, Ralph, and ET
• ET thanked the homeowners for being responsive to the new EC

Landscape Committee:
• Beth thanked Chris, Donna, Beth, Dave, and Carolyn for their hard work, and welcomed Fran to the 2011 committee
• In 2011, will complete the Clearwater and Fairwinds cul-de-sacs, and will start the Rt 12 common areas and north end of Lakeside
• Requested an additional $5,000 for major prune of four corners of Ocean Hill Boulevard
• Tim Leah is point of contact for dead pine trees
• Looking for suggestions regarding trash/litter clean up

Long Range Planning Committee:
• Ralph presented options regarding a sound side boardwalk
• 3 options range from $87,000 to $132,000
• Cost is approx $120/linear foot for a 6-ft wide walkway
• Synthetic materials would cost roughly 25% more

General comment period:
• Jackie McKenzie commented that the 2ft x 4ft Sharky’s banner is very unattractive
• Arlene requested the dates of future BoD meetings be publicized so that VOH members may attend
• Dick and Vicki Garvey received several complimentary comments
• Request was made for timelier posting of the minutes to the VOH website or other available physical posting.
• Multiple VOH homeowners went on the record opposing any sort of internal pathway.

Approval of the budget was announced, as well as the winning candidates of the BoD election, Bernadette and Frank.

Meeting adjourned at 5:50pm.

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