Meeting Minutes May 22, 2013


Village at Ocean Hill Board of Directors Meeting
Wednesday May 22nd at 6pm
Present in Person: Linda Flannery, Johanna Tucker, Dick & Vicki Garvey
Present by Phone: Bob Voldish, Stephen Hill and Dave Halla

• The Board voted unanimously to approve March Board Meeting minutes.

• Oceanfront steps will be fixed this week. We are adding 4 more steps on each side.

• Ocean Hill Fence: Linda and Dick will be meeting with Ed Cornet of Ocean Hill to agree on placement of the fence. It shouldn’t be on any VOH property.

• Northern fence/easement between VOH and Ocean Hill: we need to go to the county to see who owns what and where the Russian olives sit to see what if anything we can take down. Johanna will follow up on this.

• Ocean Hill is purchasing a roll out wooden walkway for the Bismark access that goes out 60 feet. They will test this one to see if it works or not. For the Tasman access they are putting up posts and ropes to make it easier to navigate.

• The county has purchased signs to post at beach walkways regarding not leaving beach equipment on the beach. The first night they will get a warning and the second night the items will be removed.

• The trash can roll back service will be approximately $5,250 for the summer. Clean Street Services started last weekend and will just be doing Saturdays. We will work on getting a quote for a full year.

• Past Due Assessments: Several collections that are seriously past due are being referred to legal. The Board authorized pursuit of a civil suit against Lots 095 and 108 and lots 236, 237, 239 and 259 (six lots with two owners) and the exploration of foreclosing on Lot 014. The total amount owed to VOH by these three owners is $28,248.27. For 2013 assessments only on February 8th, a total of $35,900 was owed. On March 26th, the total amount owed was $23,850 and by May 22nd the total amount owed was down to $14,900 of which $7,800 is part of what is being referred to legal leaving only $7,100 to be collected. Vicki has done a great job with collections.

• Budget: We need to make a wish list for 2014 for maintenance and capital projects. We need to look at the reserve study to get ideas of what we should be doing. Board needs to meet to prioritize and discuss future projects.

• FireWise: As nobody has given the Board the hours log that needs to be submitted in order to apply for a government grant, the grant cannot be applied for. Dave will talk to Rich to see if we can obtain the file to move forward.

• Homeport Ct Drainage is open and working. The trench has been completely covered and the area newly seeded. New rock has been installed around grated drop inlets and along portions of the open swale north of Windance along NC12 – looks good. The cut made through the northern part of Windance needs to be addressed, but there is a money issue. Dick will use excess crush & run to keep the cut level, but actual paving will be delayed until later in the year (depending on available funds) or early 2014.

• High Dune Loop beach access path is completed and materials removed. Excess material is being stored on the northern end of Windance for now and will be used in the off-season to fortify washed-out shoulders along some sections of VOH streets.

• South Windance path has been fortified with stone dust to level the surface.

• Playground equipment sanding and re-painting has been completed.

• Pools have been cleaned and decks have been pressure-washed and stained. Oceanfront shower is being repaired. The pools passed inspection for 2013, but it was noted that both pools have trip hazards developing that must be addressed for the 2014 season.

• Pot hole repair on the corner of NC12 and Ocean Hill Blvd East has been completed.

• The vendor for the sports court says he’s coming in the spring to make repairs, but we are doubtful that he will keep his word.

• Tennis/Basketball courts: Patches are done, but still needs sanding and painting to match surrounding green surface.

• Roads haven’t been done yet. The machine has been purchased. We need a trailer to put the machine on to do it. We will try to do a test spot in June and push the entire project back to the fall when the weather is better and the crowds are gone.

• Lot 154: Parking pads must be 10’X18’ per the County’s new building codes, and VOH regulations require that at least one building pad be completely under the house. This home does not meet that regulation – the covered parking pad is too short and does not comply with the Plan approved by the Environmental Committee. The Committee is working with the owner to rectify.

• Bickford has placed all of his lots on the market for sale. We need to discuss further the lot adjacent to the fitness center.

• Meeting adjourned.

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