March 7, 2015 Meeting Minutes

The Villages at Ocean Hill Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday, March 7, 2015 at 1 pm
VOH Fitness Center

Present in Person: Dave Halla, Fran Hamilton, Linda Flannery, Bryan Smith, Christine Hawes Present by Phone: Stephen Hill
Absent: Kent Ellis

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 pm.

Officers and Committee Reports:

• Fran reported for the Landscape Committee that needs continue to be identified and work scheduled. Projects include the removal of dead pine tree on Sandcastle Dr. (near parking lot), silt fence installation and entry island improvements. Oleanders affected by another cold winter, will assess their health in spring. Russian olive trimming will continue to prevent overgrowth. Considering bed planting on corner of Headwind Way once the new curbing is installed, but hasn’t been budgeted

  • Dave made a motion to allocate $1,000 to new Headwind Way bed. Linda seconded. Vote passed.

• Dave spoke for the Environmental Control Committee and indicated that applications continue coming in and projects are moving along well. The PDF version of the Environmental Policies & Procedures has been created, will take time to review and update. The idea of lighting the road signs was discussed, which raised questions about the “dark sky” policy. Type of lighting is covered in the EP&P, and dark sky concept encourages but this is not the place for a policy re: time to turn off lights, etc.
• Bryan gave the Management Update. Assessment collections are going well with 16 current-year assessments that have not been paid, which is comparable to years past (not
including those in legal status).

Capital Projects for 2015:

  • Fitness Center flooring scheduled for installation beginning March 16,
    2015. A new elliptical trainer and dip/chin-up/leg-raise machine are coming as well. Christine presented her décor upgrade wish list and estimated $1,600 to implement. Funds approved and Bryan thinks it can be paid from reserves as part of refurbishment.
  • Milling and paving work for Phase 2 (Windance) will be scheduled as weather improves. Project expected to take 4-5 days; new curbing is an extra two days. Approved bid came in under budget.
  • Playground equipment needs refurbishment and we will determine parts needed and cost. Dave suggested contacting metal workers to see if parts can be fabricated.

Other Projects:

  • Fitness Center had a drain pipe freeze due to cold temperatures and exposed pipes; Larry remedied to help prevent similar freeze going forward
  • Pool readiness will be top priority in coming months
  • Additional playground area improvements include durable replacement benches and new commercial-grade swings.
  • Sports Court crack repairs are extensive and expensive, leading to discussion of best use. Will consider alternative uses as to what will fit and be desirable.
  • Main oceanfront walkway coating has not performed well, but its removal is problematic; sandblast and seal to protect? Cost to replace? Will see if we can get by for another year and reassess.
  • Christine showed proofs of the new rental packet materials; approved

• Sharky’s Survey – response from 56% of members to-date, with 64% in favor and 36% against. Will discuss further at the Spring Membership Meeting and again in the fall if needed. Bryan suggested a feasibility study.
• Christine is looking at pricing for a fully-automatic AED to wall mount in the Fitness Center. On-site training will be given to staff.
• Off Season Trash Roll-Back: it was determined that the increase in expense for 2015 is to cover holiday weekends in the off-season; will look at contract to determine exact
timeframe of service and assess other off-season needs that can be handled by Larry Wickline. Suggestion was made to purchase extra trash cans vs. use/presence of dumpster in Fitness Center/Lakeside Pool parking lot.

New Business
• Reviewed agenda items for Spring Membership Meeting.

The Spring Membership Meeting scheduled for Saturday, April 11, 2015 from 10 am – 1 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 3:15 pm.