Oct 8, 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President, John Doub, at 3:00PM at the Corolla Library. VOH board members Marc Blanc, Jim Blaylock, Frank Cetera and Bernadette McLoughlin were present. Vicki and Dick Garvey of North Beach Resort Management, Inc. were present.

Marc Blanc spoke on behalf of the board to appeal to the membership to work with the board to restore harmony in the community.
A motion to accept the Spring 2010 Minutes of the Meeting was made and passed unanimously. A motion to accept the Fall 2010 Minutes of the Meeting was made and passed unanimously. A motion to accept the Spring 2011 Minutes of the Meeting was made and accepted unanimously.

Vicki Garvey of NBRM, Inc. reviewed the 2011 YTD Budget/YE Forecast and the 2012 Budget Proposal. The VOH books are audited annually. The collection procedure was explained. Jim Blaylock, BOD Treasurer, explained and encouraged resident to review the Replacement Reserve Report. A copy of this report will be kept in the Fitness Center for review. The 2012 budget includes monies for a new Reserve Study. Question arose concerning the amount of money needed to go into reserve budget. The reserve study covers this issue. In addition, our accounting firm guides NBRM, Inc. on VOH expenditures to ensure that we are in compliance of all Federal and State laws.

Dick Garvey of NBRM, Inc updated the membership of all 2011 Capital projects providing them with before and after pictures of the projects. Parking at the Oceanfront pools has been monitored all summer. Two days (Saturday, July 2nd & Sunday, July 3rd) were problematic. Pool usage was down but the hurricane caused the pools to be closed for five days. Fitness center attendance was down but the hurricane caused its closure for four days. Dick also reviewed the 2012 Capital budget and projects.

A statement from Brown Law LLP, legal representatives for VOH, was read concerning the pending lawsuit.

A Q&A session was opened to the membership. The following concerns/requests were made:
• Sewer System needs to be studied. There was a major clog 3 years ago.
• $7500 expenditure for Westside paths was questioned & request to vote before money was spent (This expenditure was included in 2012 budget proposal voted on by members of VOH community. The budget was overwhelmingly approved.)
• Request was made to add dog waste pot to the Pocket Park
• Request was made for Solar LED light to be installed at entrance to community

BOD candidates Marc Blanc, Jim Blaylock, John Doub, Linda Flannery, Dave Halle and Bob Voldish made a statement to the membership. A vote was taken.

Environmental Committee report was made by Cynthia Cygler, Chairperson:
• Inspection of properties took place the last week of September
• List was developed and letters will be sent to individual homeowners notifying them of specific maintenance needs.

Landscape Committee report was made by Beth Lutton, Chairperson:
• Oceanfront Pool Parking Lot will be landscaped
• A new three year contract was awarded to Tim Leah
• Tim Leah has offered to trim around the tennis courts at no charge
• Work at the tennis court will probably be done in December

The Long Range Planning Committee is still in need of Chairperson. There is one active project which is the creation of a new website if the budget is approved.

Walter Stiff presented the VOH community with a Firewise plaque.

New Business:
• Concerns over Sunday check-ins in regards to trash pick-up was expressed. Rental companies are aware of problem and have taken steps in an effort to control this problem.
• Vicki will add trash dates changes to Fall packets
• 54% of taxes for NC come from Corolla. Do we get our fair share?
• Past board officer offered assistance with past history of community

Election Results:
• Budget passed (128 votes for; 32 votes against)
• Jim Blaylock was re-elected. New board members are Linda Flannery and Bob Voldish

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