Oct 11, 2014 Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting – 9AM October 11 Corolla Library
Present: Stephen Hill, Dave Halla, Kent Ellis, Fran Hamilton
Also Present: Michael Cherry, Jamie Grigas, Dick and Vicki Garvey

Michael Cherry presented his plan to take over Jamie’s beach/umbrella concession for VOH in 2015.

• His plan includes not only the rental of beach chairs/umbrellas and other beach items but also additional options including surf lessons.
• Michael would create a web presence for rentals prior to arriving in Corolla to capture the market at its peak. Same day/week rentals are harder to secure because vacationers make plans before they arrive in Corolla.
• Michael would mail out information to VOH owners to leave in their houses for those who do want to use a beach rental service but haven’t pre-booked.
• This is a commercial level service that has successfully worked in other communities.
• After expenses for operation are covered we would get a 10% net back to the association based on a CPA statement.


• Boxes will be maintained by Michael and painted a light gray. The company would consult with a VOH board member about placement of the boxes.
• Michael will speak to Ed Cornet from Ocean Hill to see if they want to participate.
• Michael will send us a bid for a renovation of the snack bar at the OF pool to include the sale of food and beverages, including beer. His experience in this area would allow him to quickly navigate the county ordinances required to sell alcohol and other foods cooked on site.
• Michael has adequate storage areas in Corolla so the boxes would no longer have to be placed in a VOH parking area in the off season.


Unanimous in favor of a 5 year contract for chair/umbrella rental.
We also asked for a proposal for a renovation of the VOH OF snack bar area.

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