may 7, 2011 Spring Meeting Minutes

VOH MINUTES OF SPRING MEETING 5/7/11The meeting was called to order by President, John Doub, at 3:10 PM at the Corolla Library. VOH Board members Jim Blaylock, Frank Cetera and Bernadette McLoughlin were present. Vicki and Dick Garvey of North Beach Resort Management, Inc. were present. Ashley Currin of Brown LLP attended the meeting on behalf of our Insurance Company.

John asked if anyone was recording the meeting and notified everyone that if the meeting was being recorded that they could not share it with anyone outside the meeting.

The membership was also informed that the Westside Paths could not be discussed due to pending legal action. The VOH Board is being sued as a Board and as individuals.

Minutes of the 2010 Spring Meeting were presented. A motion was made by Bruce Walter and seconded by Chris Blaylock to accept the minutes. Before it was voted on, a motion was made by Arlene Weltman and seconded by Phil Baker to defer approval of the minutes until the Fall Meeting. The second motion was voted on and passed.

A request was made to consider approving of the minutes of the 2011 Spring Meeting at the 2011 Fall Meeting rather than wait until to the 2012 Spring Meeting.

President’s Report (John Doub, President):
• Expressed his desire for the VOH to be an award recognized community.
• Management Company was thanked for doing an excellent job preparing the community for the rental season.
• The membership was informed of the County’s intention to extend the Multi-Use Path North to High Dune Loop and possibly to the gate at the beach entrance.
• The “No Parking Sign” at High Dune Loop will be installed.
• Informed the membership of the approval of two “fun” parks by the County Commissioners – one near the Food Lion and one at Corolla Light.
• Parking lot near the entrance to our community was approved.
• Actions of the current Currituck County Commissioners favor development.
• Retail may come to the Heritage Park area.
• The Mid-County Bridge is scheduled for completion in 2016.
• The sheriff’s office reports that crime is down.
• The fire department reports that the number of calls has dropped.
• The membership was informed that both pools will be ready for opening the week before Memorial Day and the High Dune Loop Pathway was completed.
• The new amenities for the 2011 rental season include the Sports Complex, carp for Crystal Lake, and beach chairs/umbrellas concession.
• There are many opportunities in VOH & Corolla to volunteer. Thanks for all who do volunteer.
• Dan Hunt has resigned from the board and we thank Dan for his many years of service.

Treasurer’s Report (Jim Blaylock):
• Our records are presently being audited.
• Budget is on track.
• Assesssment Status (Vicki Garvey, Management Co.):
Vicki reviewed 2011 Assessment Collections Report. Total invoiced $334,750. Collected to date $317,950, to be collected $16.800.
• Cumulative total Assessments owed to date is $58,686. Expect to collect $10,630 with Agreements in Place to collect an additional $10,375. Referred to Legal $16,181. Owed by Developer Properties = $21,490
• VOH collection process was explained.

Beach Chair Concession (Adam Grigas):
• Adam will be running the beach chair/umbrella concession for VOH. He has 12 years experience and comes highly recommended.
• Chairs/umbrellas can be rented by day or week. They will be set up at 10AM & taken down & stored at 5PM. They will be stored in 8’x8’ bins placed along dune line.
• Chairs rent for $10 per day/$25 per week. Umbrellas rent for $25 per day/$50 per week.
• VOH will receive 10% of profits after vendor recoups his start-up costs.
• Renters will receive info in Welcome Packet. A member offered to send flyer to his renters prior to arrival.

Environmental Committee (Cynthia Cygler, Chairperson):
• A proposal to allow Split Rail fencing on property lines that are adjacent to common property has been proposed. Exact wording will be posted on VOH website for review/comments by membership.
• Fences presently constructed will be “grandfathered”
• All members have cooperated with EC maintenance requests.
• Next inspection will take place in September. If you plan to do work, let the EC know to avoid a violation letter.
• Cynthia was complimented for her excellent work.

Landscape Committee (Beth Lutton, Chairperson):
• Since the development of the Master Landscape Plan, nine cul-de-sacs have been landscaped. The next phase will be to landscape public areas along Rt 12 and will eventually conclude at High Dune Loop.
• Presented professional opinions that landscape at the corner of Lakeside Drive and Route 12 are in “good shape” and will come back.
• Committee will establish height maximum on trees/shrubs & will reduce size and thin plants near the tennis court.
• The committee will recommend to the BOD that the oceanfront pool and parking lot be re-landscaped next year.
• New landscape contract needs to be negotiated.
• Beth was complimented for her excellent work.

Long Range Planning Committee (Bernadette, BOD Liason):
• Committee is in need of a chairperson.
• Only active & approved project is the Sports Court conversion.
• Three bids have been received to upgrade and improve website. Board will review bids and decide on next step.
• Committee members work on individual projects & research cost vs benefits – Projects then must be presented to Board for consideration.
• Projects being “researched” include lighting of multi-use path, gating of VOH parking lot, handicapped accessible amenities, heater for oceanfront pool, improved website supported by advertisers and enhanced by vendor offerings.
• New ideas and volunteers always welcomed.

North Beach Resort Management Update (Dick Garvey):
• Capital Improvements:
North Sandcastle boardwalk – deck boards replaced.
New siding on Lakeside Pool shed.
Pools passed yearly inspections.
Pressure-washed walkway to Lakeside pool.
Oceanfront pools parking lot updated with concrete curbs.
Oceanfront pool has sizeable crack. Do not expect leakage.
High Dune Loop path completed – Emergency vehicles can now access.
Lakeside pool gate is handicapped accessible. Gate from pool to Lakeside deck has been eliminated because of new requirements.
Section of concrete will be replaced at oceanfront pool.
• Summer Preparedness:
Employees have been hired.
Rental Packages have been prepared and contain a new map identifying ocean accesses, pedestrian/bike paths and amenities.
Vicki is a Certified Pool Operator – cost saving for community.
Fitness Center is well maintained and receives many compliments.
Fitness center reports a profit of $4,927 for 2010 – $51,185 profit increase compared to 2005.
• Membership Comments/Concerns:
Resident requested all to volunteer and to respect each other.
ADA requirements for pool – Mgt Company is reviewing requirements.
Steps at Oceanfront Pool entrance to beach – was reviewed as sufficient by 2010 VOH Board and confirmed by 2011 Board.
Some unauthorized use of ocean parking lots. More “aggressive” signs will be posted at parking lots.
Concern expressed over By-Laws and Covenant adherence – Board will review complaint. By-Laws changes are presently being considered by the Board.

Fall Meeting is scheduled for Saturday, October 8, 2011, from 3-5 PM.

The meeting adjourned at 5 PM.

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