March 25, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Village at Ocean Hill Board of Directors Meeting
Monday, March 25th 2013 @ 7:00 p.m.
Present in Person: Linda, Johanna, Vicki, Dick
Present by Phone: Bob, Dave, Stephen

The Board voted unanimously to approve the February meeting notes.

Agenda items for the Spring meeting to be held on April 13th at 2:00 p.m. in the Corolla Library were discussed.
• Ideas for uses for the sports court
• Touch on committees and direction we are going in
• Treasurer’s report, 2013 Budget, Assessments/Collections
• NBRM update
• Announce Fall Annual Meeting date which will be the Saturday of Columbus Day weekend at 2:00 p.m.

Capital Projects:
• Dominion moved the power lines and work has resumed on the Homeport Court drainage project.
• Oceanfront staircase is being inspected this week.
• Playground equipment has been sanded and primed, but still needs final paint coat.
• Roads are getting worse. Equipment has been purchased to fill cracks in the streets and work will commence as soon as the weather improves.
• Repair to walkway between the tennis and sports courts looks good.
• Pavilion at Oceanfront Pool has a minor roof issue that Dick feels can be repaired in lieu of replacing the roof entirely.
• 17 pool lounge chairs have been sent for re-strapping.

Discussed Karen McCalpin’s request regarding announcement to VOH community of McCalpin lawsuit status.
• Upon consultation with our attorney and the attorneys representing our insurance company in this matter, the Board of
Directors has been advised that it would be inappropriate for the current Board to make any comment on this litigation other than to say that the matter was resolved and the McCalpins have filed a dismissal to their lawsuit.
• The Board will make this announcement at the Spring Meeting and it will be part of the minutes on record.

EC Issues:
• The Board unanimously voted to reinstate the old fees that were eliminated in 2012 regarding painting and minor remodels.
• The Committee will work on a new and clearer fee structure for announcement at the Fall Annual Meeting.
• Committee members will follow-up on homes that need work starting with the most severe.

Follow up Issues:
• Vicki will follow-up with Everett on a legal response to the letter and release that Paul Stuart sent to Dick Garvey. The letter will be sent after it has been approved by the Board.
• The Board agrees that a letter should be sent to Rich Sigal regarding the email he sent to the Fire Chief making inaccurate and damaging allegations concerning the Homeport Court West Drainage Project. Linda will draft such a letter and submit to the Board for approval prior to sending.
• The Board determined that it would respond to these types of issues in a timelier basis in the future.

Assessment Status:
• 2013 Collections are proceeding well as expected.
• Vicki will contact David Pureza for help with collecting seriously past dues assessments.
• The Board discussed publishing the names and lot numbers of members who owe past due assessments. Vicki will seek legal advice on this matter as well.

Ocean Hill Fence:
• The Board has determined that it will not continue to cooperate with OHE on the installation of a fence. Linda will notify them of this decision and inform that we will post “No Beach Access” signs on effected properties.
• Meeting adjourned.

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