March 10, 2012 Meeting Minutes


In Attendance: Linda Flannery, Jim Blaylock, Bernadette McLoughlin (by phone) and Vicki Garvey

Not In Attendance: Frank Cetera and Bob Voldish
No items were voted on at this meeting – we did not have a quorum..

Review of the 1/7/12 Minutes
The minutes submitted by Bob were reviewed and condensed.  In addition, a few items that were overlooked were added to the new draft.

Confidentiality of BoD Emails
We will discuss the confidentially of BoD emails at the next Board meeting at 1pm on 4/21/12

Management Update
Handicap ramp or lift was discussed.  Vicki Garvey conducted research with the State Health Department, the Department of Justice, local pool experts and a neighboring associations as to whether or not VOH is required to comply with the new ADA requirements for public pools and spas (2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design) becoming effective March 15, 2012. The State Health Department is not requiring and will not inspect for compliance.  The Department of Justice reported that while VOH falls in a “grey area” that they believe that VOH is exempt from compliance as it would not be considered a public pool under the definitions established by the regulation. Vicki provided a document from the Department of Justice that defines what entities qualify as public versus private (attached).  Vicki recommended that the Board give further consideration to the matter before expending the $15K allocated to this project in the 2012 Budget (provision was made in the 2012 budget for installing handicap lifts assuming that VOH would be required to comply with the new regulations). Proceeding with the installation of handicap lifts will be discussed further when a full Board is present, however, the members present were inclined to investigate the need for handicap lifts in the pools further over the coming year.

2012 Capital Projects – status is in the email from Dick (attached).

2012 & Long Term Assessment Collections
Vicki is sending out a collection letter to the 2012 community members who have not paid their association dues by 3/10/12 assessing a $100 collection charge and finance charges. We will be writing off the past due assessment monies owed to VOH by a developer as it has been determined by our attorney (CET) that an assessment is not owed on these lots as the developer has a legal document transferring original developer rights to him for these lots. It has been determined by our attorney (CET), however, that a buy-in is due for the developer’s lots as they join the association. Vicki is in the process of meeting with the accountant to proceed with the write off. It is anticipated that the majority of the write off will be taken in 2011, with a small amount of the write off allocated to 2012. It was anticipated by the Management Company during the 2012 budget process that such a write-off may occur in 2012 and was budgeted for in the 2012 budget under the “bad debt” line items in the approved budget.

2012 Reserve Study
– will be available shortly but will need to be reviewed by the management company and then the BoD.

Rentals Packets
The packets are almost ready to go. Vicki has added the new web site to the packet information.

Date of Spring Meeting
The date of the spring meeting was set at the 1/7/12 meeting for 4/21/12 at 3pm. The agenda was also discussed. Vicki will be sending out postcards to community members notifying them of the Spring Meeting date.

Currituck County Path Extension
Holly White is removing the trash containers and has written an email to the home owners whose property affected by the pathway.  At the meeting with Holly White, Beth Lutton expressed to Holly that although we do not blame the county for the trees dying we would like a commitment to the VOH to provide something back to the community since the community gave its permission to build the pocket park. If the county comes back with a yes on the trees and irrigation, the VOH will need to pay for the water to irrigate the new planted trees and possibly paying the cost of having the meter installed. In order for this to happen the VOH board will need to vote to approve paying for the cost of the water. We also suggested that the VOH supply plants for the V-section of our pathway and at the same time extend the irrigation to that section of landscaping.

Needed Immediate attention and a vote by 3/13/12:
Landscaping in front of Sharkeys – Design #1 was recommended by the LC – we suggested that Design # 1 be approved by the full BoD.

If the county approves to plant the trees, the VOH will pay for the cost of the water to include the line of trees from the pocket park to the V-section of our community walkway.

Notes from this meeting submitted by Linda Flannery

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