Mar 26, 2011 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President John Doub at 10:00 AM at the VOH Fitness Center. Attendees were John Doub, Jim Blaylock, and by phone-in Bernadette McLouglin, Frank Cetera, and Dan Hunt. Management Company representatives (Vicki and Dick) both attended.

The first 15 minutes were open to owner input. The regular meeting was called to order at approximately 10:15AM.

The board voted to approve the February 12th board meeting minutes after a revision was agreed upon.

The Spring Meeting agenda was discussed. The agenda will include the President’s message, financial status, capital projects review and committee reports. The BOD will also update the community on Sharkey’s concession proposal, beach chairs/umbrella proposal, By-Laws Revision, and Internal Pathway.

The board has reviewed the proposal for Sharkey’s concession. They are not interested in investing any upfront money. Dick will continue discussions with the interested vendor.

Dick updated the board on the 2011 capital and maintenance projects.

The board considered the request to donate $300 to the Corolla Civic Association as requested by Walter Stiff. The board decided not to donate at this time.

The board considered Tom Lutton’s recommendation to join a HOA Association. There are a number of HOA associations to consider. Bernadette will research.

The EC under Cynthia Cygler is doing an excellent job in enforcing the VOH policies. A spreadsheet of current violation and their status was updated for the BOD to review prior to this meeting. Only two violations from the fall 2010 reviews are still outstanding. The BOD voted to follow the recommendations of the EC on actions for non-compliant owners.

OH-1 has made a request to the state that the roads within their development be privatized. VOH residents will retain access to the beach via the OH-1 roads per previous court orders.

There is a concern about flooding from a resident on Sandcastle Drive. John will continue discussions with that resident.

At the conclusion of this meeting, the executive session began.

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