June 28, 2014 Meeting Minutes

VOH Board Meeting
June 28, 2014
11:00am Fitness Center

Present: Linda Flannery, Dave Halla, Fran Hamilton, Dick Garvey, Vicki Garvey
Called in : Kent Ellis, Steven Hill

Board voted to approve Richard for a 2 week paid vacation each year. After 14 years we thought this was due.

The date was set for the Annual Meeting on October 11, 2014 at 10:00am at the Library.

Dick reviewed the 2014 Capital Projects. The board approved the variances in the project budget. The variances came from the OF walkway – added benches.

Dick and Larry are working on sealing Lakeside Drive in the next few months. Dick has a vendor who will look at the Sport Court’s cracks and the cost will be minimal. Board also approved building an addition to the garage to hold the golf cart and then it can be charged. We need all keys returned so going forward the golf cart will be signed out and we will know who has it and the scope of its use.

The fence around the Sports Court needs 4 new poles. Dick and Larry will be working on cutting them off and replacing the poles.

Sandcastle Evaluation is very important to the board. Kent has arranged for Fran, Dick and Linda to meet with Dave Klegitz on 7/2/14 to review Sandcastle’s drainage problem and gain some ideas for the budget. This will be a field visit to help the board budget for 2015. Other problems are the landscaping by owners on Sandcastle. Many do not take care of their yards and all the debris runs into the street when it rains. This issues needs to be addressed with all Sandcastle owners.

Proposal for a Maintenance Contract with Larry Wickline for VOH repairs and on site emergencies that come up was discussed. The board liked this idea. Vicki will put something together before the next board meeting.

EC Committee Update: A letter has gone out to the owner of the “Bright” yellow home. He will have to pay the $100 for paint color approval and then repaint his home within 5 years. Dick is handling the letter. The EC committee is going to look at the New UDO rules and compare them to VOH. We are very strict and the committee will try to bring us in line with the county.

The board received the budget time line from Vicki. She asked that everyone get back to her in a timely fashion as we start to work on the 2015 budget. The Board is tasked with looking around the community for any thing we think needs addressed.

Meeting ended at 12:10pm.

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