July 15, 2011 Meeting Minutes

VOH BOARD OF DIRECTORS MINUTES OF MEETING 7/15/11The meeting was called to order by John Doub at 5:10 PM at the VOH Fitness Center. Attendees were John Doub, Jim Blaylock, Frank Cetera, Bernadette McLoughlin, Vicki Garvey and Dick Garvey.

The board voted unanimously to accept the minutes of the 6/3/2011 BOD meeting.

A motion was made to appoint Mark Blanc to fill the open position on the VOH board.

Mark is an investment owner. John introduced the motion and Jim seconded it. Mark’s appointment was unanimous.

The 2012 operating budget was discussed. A new reserve study will be included. The last study was done in 2007 and the auditors recommend that now is “a healthy time to do it.” Also the implementation of a new VOH website will be included.

The board prioritized projects for capital repair and replacement portion of the budget.

Because the Homeport Court drainage project is complex, additional monies will be allocated in the 2012 budget. Vicki will have the proposed 2012 budget completed and in the hands of the board by August 9th. Approval will be needed by August 13th so that it can be sent to the membership for approval at the Fall meeting.

Dick recommended the development of a comprehensive strategy for VOH street refurbishment and/or replacement. He requested the assistance of a road engineering consultant who would not be involved with the paving.

A motion was made to award Leah Landscape the contract for 2012-2015. The contract will not include the maintenance of the swales. The motion was made by John and seconded by Jim. It was unanimously approved.

If no one comes forward to accept the position of Chairman of the Long Range Planning committee, the board will consider dissolving this committee.

The recommended by-law changes will be sent to the membership along with the newsletter. They will also be posted on the website. The membership has 15 days to comment on the changes.

A request was made to allow golf carts on the Stillwind Court path. Because of the sharp curve in the road, the board approved this request. Dick will contact the owners along this path and make them aware of the Board’s decision.

Concerns regarding the Oceanfront parking lot have been expressed. There is limited parking and the parking lot is extremely busy during “in-season”. Usage of the parking lot will continue to be monitored.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:40PM and the executive session began immediately.

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