January 18, 2015 Meeting Minutes

The Villages at Ocean Hill Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday, January 18, 2015
VOH Fitness Center

Present in Person: Linda Flannery, Stephen Hill, Dave Halla, Fran Hamilton, Bryan Smith, Christine Hawes
Present by Phone: Kent Ellis

The meeting was called to order at 9:00am. Elections of Officers for 2015 were as follows:

Stephen Hill, President
Dave Halla, Vice President
Kent Ellis, Treasurer
Linda Flannery, Secretary
Fran Hamilton, Board Member at Large; Landscape Committee Liaison

Bryan Smith mentioned that the Treasurer needs to go to the bank and sign on to the checking accounts. Kent to handle when he is here for March meeting.

Officers and Committee Reports:

  • Fran will remain with the Landscaping Committee; pines have been removed and Russian Olives will be maintained in spring; golf cart is good to go, landscape committee has been using it, but Dave Halla will confirm function when he is here next week.
  • In lieu of Long-Range Planning Committee – owners encourages to put suggestions in writing for consideration by BOD. Letters will be published, but we will start will clean slate (letters currently posted will be removed)
  • Dave will remain with the Environmental Control Committee.
    • Linda suggested an EP& P “overview” or FAQ that is easier to digest; look to create a list of “Top 10 How To’s” (paint, put up a fence, etc.).
    • Exterior color pallet will be created to streamline choices and remove element of individual judgment. Bryan encouraged a legal review to ensure suggested changes comply with Master Covenants & Restrictions.
    • Christine to reformat EP&P and PDF for committee review.
    • Photos have been effective in encouraging owners to fix violations noted in Annual Home Inspection. Will continue to involve rental companies in penalty for non-compliance (withhold guest access to amenities).
  • Vicki Garvey will be back next week to close the books for 2014. Assessments are about 80% collected, which is comparable to years past. Lot #14, Snyder – issues with non-compliance, back taxes, etc. Property is supposed to be listed for sale, all would settle out at closing.
  • Capital Projects for 2015:
    • Fitness Center interior will be repaired and painted; Bryan will get 3 bids on the project. Also checking and repairing roof as needed. Funds for exterior work (not needed at this time) to be reallocated to interior work. New sports floor will also be installed. Corolla Light has agreed to VOH Member use of their Sports Center if/when closed for renovation. Christine suggested minor updates to improve aesthetic appeal. Agreement to pay Richard during closure but use his help as needed in other areas.
    • Paving to be done in phases. Bryan will meet with Bissell Engineering to firm up what has to be done and get bids from contractors. Potential for driveways on Sandcastle Drive to need work after standing water issues are improved and paving completed. Lot-specific estimates needed to understand scope of work. Kent to act as liaison with other Sandcastle Dr. owners in this regard. Will VOH Association be responsible for the roads but the owners responsible for any work that has to be done to their driveways? Kent will contact the owners that this will affect (1275, 1277, 1279 and 1299 Sandcastle Dr.). Pushing for completion by Easter or move to fall to allow for adequate notice.
  • Sharky’s: Survey responses indicate 63% are in favor of Sharky’s expansion (37% are not in favor). This will be discussed further at the Annual Spring Meeting and again in the Fall if needed.
  • VOH is purchasing a full-automatic AED to wall mount in the Fitness Center. On-site training will be given to the employees by Corolla Fire & Rescue.
  • Off Season Trash Roll-Back: Larry Wickline will be contacted to see if he would like this job. Contract with in-season service to be reviewed to address concerns with cans that are not rolled back because they have trash inside after pick-up.

New Business:

  • Playground equipment needs work. Replace parts/refurbish? Bryan suggests replacement. Larry to build benches.
  • Multi-Use Court fence has been repaired, still needs cracks repaired; suggestions for future use?
  • Entrance to Sandcastle – need to create curb to match Headwind Way; re-build to prevent vehicles from running over the corner. Fix or eliminate other similar curbs?
  • Lights on street signs – discussion about helping navigation at night but concerns about maintaining “dark sky” efforts. Decided to not pursue lighted signs.
  • Need to upgrade the VOH web site for better functionality and appeal. Seeking content update access, more features for Owner Area. Christine to research examples and prospective companies.
  • Facebook sought for additional communications, more owner involvement and feel-good updates about the community. Christine to set-up; Stephen offered photos to use.
  • Lot #213 Cynthia Cygler – requested south-bound sign indicating “you are entering VOH” to make clear this is a private community. She battles vendors and visitors using High Dune Loop for airing down. Bryan to purchase street signage indicating “Private Road, No Stopping, No Parking”

Next Board Meeting March 7, 2015 at 9:00 am

Date for Spring Meeting either April 11 or 18, 2015 – TBA

Meeting adjourned at 12:00 pm.