Jan 7, 2012 Meeting Minutes


Overview of Meeting:
This was the first meeting of the 2012 Board which consists of the following five members: Jim Blaylock, Frank Cetera, Linda Flannery, Bernadette McLoughlin, and Bob Voldish.  Vicki and Dick Garvey were present representing the Management Company. New officers were elected and the two new Board members (Flannery and Voldish) were briefed on the status of ongoing initiatives.  The minutes below follow the agenda for this meeting.  Bold text indicates agenda items.

Election of Officers
Linda Flannery, President
Bernadette McLoughlin, Vice President
Jim Blaylock, Treasurer
Bob Voldish, Secretary

Committee Member Review
The Board discussed the documents (Master Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, Bylaws, and Environmental Policy) where Committee membership and length of term in office are defined. The Board agreed that no changes to these documents would be made this year. The management company suggested that the board re-align the committees.  Discussion of this topic will continue at the next Board meeting scheduled for 10 March 2012.  The management company will communicate with the Chairpersons of the committees who in turn will dispense information to their respective committees.

EC Committee Review
Concerns of  the homeowner  who requested (but was denied in 2011) a variance to the EC Policy and who was again seeking approval from 2012 VOH’s Environmental Committee to replace the existing cedar shakes on his house with a polymer siding that is molded to resemble wood cedar shakes was discussed.  The EC Committee upheld its original ruling to deny the request. If a change is made to the EC policy, the By-laws and Master Declaration of Covenants address the procedure to be followed.

Oceanfront and Lakeside Pool White Coating Issue:  Dick Garvey described how the plaster re-coating of both community pools done in the spring of 2009 is failing and needs to be re-done.  Over the past two years, Dick has had an ongoing dialog with the original contractor who continually assured Dick that he would correct the problem.  The latest agreement was to have the pools re-plastered by the end of 2011 which did not occur.  The Board voted that the best course now would be to bring immediate legal pressure against the original contractor and force him to make good on his commitment to resolve the situation prior to having these pools open for the 2012 season.  As a backup, Dick is exploring alternatives, such as the temporary use (2012 only) of pool paint, that will get us through the season and give us the leeway needed to seek funding for a permanent solution through the courts if needed.  The Board voted that this is an extremely high priority task.

Homeport Court Drainage Project
This has been a successful and cost efficient initiative.  Phase 1 of the Homeport Court Drainage project is almost completed and ahead of schedule and on budget. Phase 2 of the project is scheduled and budgeted for 2012 and will extend the below-ground drainage pipe from its current position to the west side of NC12.  This work will require NC Department of Transportation Permits and go under NC12 and repairing same.  The new pipe will be installed all the way to the existing 925 foot drainage swale that connects with the settlement pond across from Crystal Lake.

Because our VOH management company served as our general contractor, there was a savings of approximately $13,000 for this project. In addition, the community owes a debt of gratitude to Bill Robinson.  Bill designed this and other drainage systems that VOH implemented over the last few years.

Larry Wickline did an outstanding job in terms of executing the plan and for finding ways to work around a host of unexpected difficulties that arose.

Currituck County Path Extension
The Board discussed how the county path was being extended to the High Dune Loop area.  Currituck County anticipates final design work to be completed by March 30 and construction will be completed by May 1, 2012.  Holly White is the County contact person.  The Board is aware that some homeowner’s have concerns with a few of the proposed amenities.  The path is on County property and the requirements are contained in the original funding documents. Vicki and Dick requested Holly White to contact all the homeowners that will be affected by the path. Full plans for the extension are at http://co.currituck.nc.us/pdf/Planning/Bid%20Plans%2012.22.11.pdf.

Sandcastle Drive Residual Flooding Issue
The Board discussed a letter received from a homeowner, on Sandcastle Drive who in concerned about residual flooding that affects his property.  The Board believes that this problem is primarily due to road grading that will be resolved once VOH repaves Sandcastle Drive.  The repaving will result in an improved movement of water towards the grated sewers.  The Board will be working with the management company to develop a strategy for street repaving of all streets in VOH in future years.  Sandcastle Drive will be one of the first streets that are repaved.

Completion/Maintenance of VOH Amenities

South Windance Beach Access Path: Dick Garvey described how he has addressed an issue raised at the Fall, 2011 meeting about the grooming of the south Windance Beach Access Path and the management company is taking care of this issue.

Volleyball Court on Fourwinds Court:  Dick Garvey described significant improvements that have been made to this Volley Ball court..

VOH Website Upgrade Progress Report
Vicki Garvey gave a demonstration on the progress made to the VOH Web site upgrade.  The site is being designed to be both investor and resident friendly.  Vicki is also exploring ways to obtain income from the site by posting ads from local merchants.

NBRM Management Update
Assessment Collection: Collection rates for 2012 are consistent with prior years.  The management company continues to aggressively pursue both current and long term collections.

Assessment Collection, Old: As of December 31st, 2011, collections are being handled by the Management Company. A balance of $23,594.06 is attributable to four lots owned by a single builder.  Over the past year or so, the Board believes it has received contradictory information concerning this builder’s financial responsibility to pay assessments and/or buy in obligations.  An action was assigned to Voldish to contact the VOH attorney and obtain a legal opinion.

Fitness Center:  Vicki Garvey reported the fitness center made a slight profit.

West Side Path: The board agreed with the help of the Landscaping Committee to reach out to the community members whose property abuts the Westside paths and get suggestions for landscaping the path’s entrances.

New Business
The 2102 Board looks forward to working with the community in the upcoming year on many projects to enhance our community.

The date of the spring meeting was set for Saturday, April 21, 2012 at 3:00pm.

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