Jan 24, 2014 Meeting Minutes

Village at Ocean Hill Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday, January 24, 2014
VOH Fitness Center

Present in Person: Linda Flannery, Johanna Tucker, Stephen Hill, Dave Halla, Vicki Garvey, Dick Garvey
Present by Phone: Kent Ellis

The meeting was called to order at 10:00am. Elections of Officers’ foe 2014 were as follows:

Stephen Hill, President
Dave Halla, Vice President
Kent Ellis, Treasurer
Linda Flannery Secretary
Johanna Tucker – Board Member at Large

Statement from Linda Flannery to the board: She encouraged the continuation of our policies to be transparent and more responsive. We will continue to post letters from the community with the board responses so we can continue to keep the community informed. All agreed.

We are going to have the minutes posted on the web in a timely fashion as requested at the Fall Meeting.

Review of Committees:

• Environmental Committee will continue with Dick Garvey as the chair person, one board member, Dave Halla, and a community member, Georgia Herbert, will be asked to join. The objectives for 2014 are keeping consistency on this committee and the continuation of timely reviews. Each member will serve at least two years or more at the pleasure of the board. Dave and Dick are going to review the EC policies and will begin to make them consistent and simpler for the community to review. We will have the draft for the Spring Meeting. In the future, SAGA will need to turn over all the roads to the VOH.

• Landscaping Committee will continue with Beth Lutton as the chair person and Linda Flannery will continue as the Board Liaison. The Board instructed Linda to notify the Landscape Committee that Karen Lockwood expressed interest in volunteering for the committee. All of the Landscaping Committee’s requests were approved. We are asking Beth to take a look at the trees planted by the County on Route 12 and get a recommendation if we need to contact the County for assistance. SAGA has contributed $1,500 to landscape the circle in the on Still Water Court which will be overseen by the Landscaping Committee.

• Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) will again be put on hold as only one person has expressed interest in serving on the Committee. The Board will continue to take on the responsibility of looking forward to what the community needs using the 2012 Reserve Study and our annual Capital Reserve Budget as a guideline. The Board will revisit the need for a LRPC and the form that it should take later in the year.

• The FireWise Committee was disbanded by its own members in the Spring of 2013. There are no plans at present to reconstitute the Committee with new members.

SAGA – All new lots being developed by SAGA will pay annual assessments, but based on a thorough review by VOH legal counsel a one-time Buy from either SAGA or the future purchasers of the lots is not feasible. Dick Garvey will reconfirm the opinion provided by Attorney Hood Ellis as to the illegality of obtaining a Buy-In from future non-developer purchasers of the SAGA homes.

Open Space – The board will follow-up with Ben Woody (Director of Currituck County’s Planning Department) to secure our open space that has not yet been turned over by the community’s original developer and will also obtain legal advice on next steps.

Beach Chairs – Due to Adam Grigas’ unfortunate death, Johanna will contact his brother to see if he will continue the Cabana Service in 2014.

North Beach Resort Management Report:

• 2014 Assessment Status – 2014 Collections are tracking ahead of 2013. Beyond the long-term collections issues which have been referred for legal action, there are only two open collections from 2013. Collection letters will go out to delinquent property owners in mid-February.

• 2014 Pool Operator – The board voted to approve a two-year contract with North Beach Repair Services.

• 2014 Capital Projects –

• Streets & Parking Lots – $35,000 in 2014 was approved by VOH owners to fill cracks in all streets & parking lots – and to seal 50% of streets & parking lots (sealing of the remaining 50% would be targeted for 2015). Dick recommended that crack filling should proceed as planned, but that a decision on street sealing be delayed until late 2014 in order to provide time to assess whether or not to commence a more comprehensive upgrade of VOH’s asphalted surfaces via a compacted overlay of 1.5 inches of fresh asphalt on all street and parking lots. Dick thinks that it might make more economic sense to forgo street sealing in favor of implementing a 2 to 4 year effort to overlay all existing streets/parking lots – and that an overlay may be the most efficient and cost effective means to preserve the existing asphalt well into the future – and as a means to prevent the need to eventually remove existing pavement and to repave in the future. Any and all effort to preserve the existing streets and parking lots will be in accordance with industry best practices for street/parking lot maintenance and with recommendations within the 2012 Reserve Study. Dick will work with local asphalt contractors to develop a 2-4 year plan for review with VOH’s Board of Directors – including financing that does not include the need for a special assessment.

• Sandcastle Drive Drainage – The underground drainage system installed on Sandcastle Drive in 2007 has been successful in removing 90% of storm water from the street, but residual pockets remain primarily along the eastern shoulder during rain storms. It was always understood that the residual problem would persist until Sandcastle Drive was re-graded and re-sloped towards the drain inlets. Eventually, the center crown of the street needs to be re-graded and the street needs to be sloped so that water sheds to the west shoulder where the drain inlets are located. As a stop gap measure, Dick will explore more immediate options short of a total re-do of Sandcastle’s asphalt – including the placement of a drain inlet on the east side of Sandcastle that ties-in with the drainage pipe that runs under the west side shoulder, installation of a drainage swale along the east side of Sandcastle, etc. This exploration will proceed once we have a more comprehensive understanding of where storm water pools during upcoming spring rain season.

• Storm Water System Maintenance – As was planned and
budgeted, the clean-out of the settlement pond (west side of NC12) that services Sandcastle Drive has been completed. In addition, all swales and drainage ditches throughout the community have been cleaned of grasses and foliage. Depending on budget considerations, a truckload or two of 3-5 inch stone will be purchased to line those portions of swales and drainage ditches that are most prone to sidewall erosion. Sand that has accumulated in the underground drainage pipes should flush through during the spring rain season – if not assistance will be sought from the Corolla Fire Department to use fire hoses to push through any remaining sand (for a donation from VOH).

• Replace Oceanfront Pool Building Doors and Repair Oceanfront pool building and flooring – all doors at the oceanfront pool building will be replaced due to wood rot of door casements. Rain gutters along the rear of the building have been installed to address the problem of rain water splashing against the wood pool deck that rests along the building’s rear exterior wall and infiltrating the building’s support structure. Decking and siding will be removed to assess the degree of water damage that has occurred to joists & bands – corrective measures will be taken once damage assessment has been completed.

• Automatic Shut-offs for Ocean Front pool showers – will be installed prior to start of renter season.

• Main Oceanfront Dune Walk-over – The main dune-walkover adjacent to the oceanfront pool has undergone significant enhancements. Deck boards on the walk-over have been replaced. Benches have been added to both sides of the walk-over – both of which offer excellent views of the ocean. The Westside staircase leading to the walk-over was removed and replaced with a much more pedestrian-friendly staircase. New safety handrails for the new staircase will be added in the coming week.

Process for the hiring of a New Management company for 2015

• Vicki and Dick will have a draft of job description for the board at the next meeting.
• The Job Description and a Request for Proposal (RFP) will be finalized by the end of March.
• Potential candidates will be identified in February and March
• The RFP will be mailed to potential candidates in early April with a June 1 reply date from prospective candidates.
• The Board will review, discuss and seek clarifications on RFP submittals during the summer of 2014, with the goal of narrowing down the list of candidates to a maximum of three finalists.
• References will be checked for the finalists during August.
• The proposed contract will be reviewed and revised during August
• In-person interviews will be conducted with finalists in September and a final selection made.
• The New Management Company will be announced and introduced at the Annual Meeting in October.

• A form for soliciting community input will be posted on the VOH web site in both the News and Community Outreach sections with a due date of March 1st, so such input can be incorporated into the job description and identification of potential candidates.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

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