Jan 21, 2010 Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order at 5:20 p.m. by Dan Hunt. Fran Hamilton, Ron Mason, John Doub, and Jim Blaylock were present. Dick and Vicki Garvey of North Beach Resort Management were also present.

Dan discussed the minutes from the Oct, Nov, and Dec ’09 meetings, and moved that they be approved. Unanimous approval vote by Dan, Fran, and Ron.

Nominations were placed for 2010 Board offices –
• Fran nominated Dan for BoD President, Ron seconded. Unanimous approval.
• Dan nominated Fran for BoD Vice-President. Ron seconded. Unanimous approval.
• Dan nominated Jim for BoD Treasurer. Unanimous approval.
• Dan nominated Ron for BoD Secretary. Unanimous approval.

Dan discussed the reengineered Environmental Committee, consisting of Cynthia Cygler (chair), Ralph Ashton, and ET Smith. The EC has already received training by Dick Garvey. Dan will serve as the BoD liaison for the EC .
• John discussed his desire to be EC Liaison at some point in the future.

Dan appointed John to perform as the BoD Liaison for the Long Range Planning Committee.
• Will move forward with the conversion of tennis courts 3 & 4 to the multi-sports court.

Fran will continue to perform as the BoD Liaison for the Landscaping Committee.

Dan discussed the current list of VOH Volunteers and their respective activities.

Dick led the discussion regarding several topics:
• Oceanfront pool fence reconstruction and deck rehabilitation is on schedule and on budget
• A homeowner has suggested adding a landing ½ way down the oceanfront pool’s staircase to the beach
• Concerns regarding costs and vulnerability to storm damage were discussed
• Dick will obtain a conceptual view and cost estimate for the potential project
• All three beach walkovers have been repaired from November nor’easter damage.
• A limited amount of sand fencing has been installed
• Researching the process and authorization necessary to install additional sand fence

Vicki led the discussion regarding several topics:
• Payment of 2010 Assessments is progressing on a pace similar to 2009, with 56% having been paid as of 1/21/10.
• The assessment tracking and follow-up procedure (up to and including the notification to rental management companies and the placement of liens) utilized in 2009 was successful.
• Dan motioned that the same procedures be followed for pursuing 2010 assessments; Fran seconded the motion. Unanimous approval.
• Currently, there are 12 liens in effect for a total of $28,545 in assessments & fees.
• Vicki recommends legal action to collect on past due assessments be pursued against a seriously delinquent property owner; Dan will discuss with Everett.
• Regarding another seriously delinquent property in VOH, the home had been dismissed from foreclosure proceedings and has a possible short sale pending, but the prospective buyer refuses to pay any past HOA assessments. The realtors have offered to pay a small portion of these fees in order to allow the short sale to go to closing.
• BoD has two options to consider:
• Accept the negotiated $1000 from the realtors as partial settlement of assessments in arrears, and waive the remainder clearing the lien and allowing the sale to proceed.
• Refuse to negotiate and ask the buyer or seller or realtors to provide the money to clear the lien and allow the sale to proceed.
• Fran will obtain background info regarding the propriety of realtors paying fees in this manner, and then the BoD will discuss and/or vote via email by Sun 1/24/10 (Note: other Corolla communities do not negotiate past due assessments. BOD subsequently declined to negotiate past due assessments on this proposed sale)

Dick Garvey welcomed and introduced Bill Robinson to the BoD meeting, for discussion of the VOH Storm Water Damage Task Force (SWTF)
• Background of VOH storm water flooding was discussed, culminating with the 2009 BoD taking action to establish the SWTF
• Bill discussed the VOH flooding maps and associated views.
• Two large areas on Lakeside Drive should be able to be resolved with moderate effort and expense.
• Flooding on North Windance would require implementation of swales on the north side of Windance, and possibly the south side as well, from the Tasman access north to the larger swale adjacent to the Estuarine parking lot.
• Flooding on Stillwind will require implementation of a swale along Stillwind and the installation of a culvert beneath Stillwind to tie drainage into the larger swale system alongside NC12
• Flooding on Windance around Homeport Ct will require more complex measures to be detailed later.
• Dick and Bill emphasized that the first step in the larger process was for establishing and improving the drainage infrastructure from NC12 to the sediment pond north of Crystal Lake. As all other swales will ultimately tie in to this, this needs completed first, and then other problem areas prioritized.
• $10,000 is currently budgeted for these projects in the 2010 Capital Repair & Replacement Fund Budget
• $2,500 for “Estuary Swale Completion – NC12 Drainage”
• $7,500 for “Stillwind Court Drainage Culvert & Swales”
• Dick and Bill provided an initial cost estimate for improving the swale from NC12 to the sediment pond, inclusive, of $7,500.
• Dan motioned that the BoD approve the expenditure of such funds; John seconded. Unanimous approval.
• Dan will discuss sediment pond work with Nils Ladenburg, to determine his responsibilities and obligations, if any.
• If sand is removed during these procedures, it will be retained within the VOH.

Dan touched on several additional items of interest:
• A Fitness Center non-resident patron wishes to perform group training in the FC
• FC is open for public use
• No group will receive any sort of price adjustment and must purchase privileges on an individual basis
• VOH encourages any groups to participate from 8-12 and 1-close, in consideration of other residents and patrons with time constraints
• VOH encourages any groups to limit their size to 2 persons, in recognition of the limited size of the facility.
• Dan will email formal comments for incorporation into policy. Vicki will be responsible for communicating this policy to any groups using the Fitness Center and to our attendants to manage the policy.
• The lawsuit concerning a property owner who did not follow the EC policy and procedures is scheduled for arbitration hearing on 03 Feb 10. VOH is seeking reward of the fine already imposed, $10,000.
• Kevin Dockendorf, District 1 Fisheries Biologist of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, has visited VOH and inspected the condition of Crystal Lake, and will provide recommendations on actions and strategies necessary for the long-term health of the lake.
• Dan and John will work together regarding the conversion of tennis courts 3 & 4 to the multi-sports complex
• Multi-use pathway along NC12 is still progressing, and the County has advertised for bids in the latest Coastland Times newspaper.
• Tree cutting along Crystal Lake will be discussed with Nils Ladenburg
• Dick will lead effort to update the VOH website, to include the addition of Committee staffing and VOH covenants.
• Recent robbery on Four Winds Court indicates the ongoing need for community involvement and security awareness.
• Dates will be proposed for BoD retreat to discuss planning for 2010.
• Discussed previous conversations regarding providing instructions for trash can rollout/rollback. Ron will retrieve last documentation on this subject and forward to BoD for future action.

Next BoD meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 11 Feb 2010 at 5:15pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

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