February 13, 2013 Meeting Minutes


Present in Person: Linda Flannery, Dave Halla, Stephen Hill, Johanna Tucker, Dick and Vicki Garvey
Present by Phone: Bob Voldish

• Dick introduced Larry and Josh Wickline to the Board as they have done and continue to do numerous infrastructure projects for the Villages at Ocean Hill. Dick and the Board commended the Wickline’s for their excellent work results on behalf of the Association.

• The January 5th Board Meeting minutes were presented for a vote and were unanimous accepted.

• Johanna addressed the rumor that had been started in the community that she was resigning from the BoD. She wanted to make sure everyone knew it was completely false and that she is not resigning. Dave stated he had addressed the issue with the people in the community that were spreading that rumor saying that the issue has been handled.

• Dave spoke with Richard Sigal regarding the letter that he sent to the Fire Department making false allegations about the Garvey’s and Larry Wickline about delays in completion of the Homeport Court Drainage Project. According to Dave, Mr. Sigal realizes he made a mistake. The Board feels an apology is owed to the Garvey’s and Larry Wickline from Sigal – and Dave will discuss this with him.

• Linda feels the Board’s time is being monopolized having to deal with inappropriate, harassing actions by some community members (e.g., letter containing false allegations from Richard Sigal to the Fire Department, the “Release Form” Paul Stuart presented to Dick Garvey for his signature that was threatening in tone, etc.) noting that the Board cannot move forward because they must constantly deal with immature and irresponsible issues raised by some in the community.

• The fence erected in OHE in conjunction with the OHE Board was removed as the owner of the OHE lot on which it was erected protested its construction and placement. It should be noted that the fence that was erected by VOH and OHE – note the latter has not yet made good on its commitment to share the cost – replaced an organically constructed fence installed by an OHE resident that was a complete eyesore and that was also done without the OHE lot owner’s consent and permission. We will be replacing the existing “No Trespassing – Violators will be Prosecuted” signs attached to 6x6s behind homes on Ocean Hill Court and Windjammer Court with less harsh language regarding lack of beach access via private property.

• The letter and Release Form Paul Stuart sent to Dick Garvey is being sent to Everett to handle. The Board would like to know if the lawyer referenced in the Release Form, “Attorney Felthousen”, was actually the author of the form forwarded to Dick by Paul Stuart. A suggestion was made to look into amending the By-Laws to prohibit aggressive and inappropriate behavior by building contractors towards the Management Company (and those contracted by them on VOH’s behalf), VOH employees and Members of the VOH Board. Violation of the proposed amendment could result in prohibition of the contractor from conducting any further business within the VOH. Stephen Hill will propose text for Board consideration.

• Bernadette McLaughlin’s New Year’s Eve email still needs to be addressed. Dick and Vicki will work on an email that refutes each and every point – and will send to the BoD and to Everett Thompson for action.

• Portions of the 2013 Budget that were developed and approved by the 2012 Board are considered infeasible. The “New” 2013 Board has agreed to revisions to the Capital Repair & Replacement Budget as reviewed with them and outlined in the attached including adding in funds to fix roads and re-strap lounge chairs at the Oceanfront pool. (NOTE: Subsequent to the Board Meeting the Board conducted am email vote to approve the Revised 2013 Capital Repair & Replacement Budget.)

• A suggestion was made to make 2013 a bridge year for the EC until the Board determines what structure and role the committee should take in the future. The committee will consist of Dave Halle as chairperson, Ralph Ashton as a continuing member, Stephen Hill as a new member (the latter will also serve as EC liaison with the Board). Dick will continue to operate as the Administrator. The Board decided to pursue reinstatement of the prior fee structure for painting and minor remodeling and is following the procedures required to do so. An affirmative vote was taken by the Committee and a public notice of the intent to reinstate EC fees was placed on the Website in the “News Section”. The Board will vote on the new fee proposal at their March 23rd Board Meeting. It is a goal of the Board to be in a position to make a concrete recommendation to the membership at the October 2013 Annual Meeting as to the structure of the EC going forward. Among other discussion topics to be considered are limiting paint colors to muted tones. The committee will discuss and develop a proposal for future review by the Board. It was also noted that we need to update our parking and other architectural guidelines to coincide with the new UDO (County) guidelines.

• Dick and Vicki will follow up with the vendor who Bernadette McLaughlin contracted to construct the Sports Court to determine if he will honor his guarantee and promise to fix the asphalt failures and cracking. Concerned that the vendor may not fix the failures, the Board plans to ask for input and ideas from the community at the 2013 Spring Meeting as to what to do with that space.

• Everett is still looking for assets for Pool Solutions to collect on judgment against them for their failure to adequately perform the white coating of the pools. Thus far, he has been unsuccessful.

• Vicki is still working on collecting assessments and plans to refer a few to legal.

• Spring Meeting date has been set for April 13th at 2pm at the Currituck County Library in Corolla.

• Next board meeting will be March 23rd at 6:00 p.m. at the fitness center.

• Dave presented an email request from Richard Sigal that ballot voting at the Annual Meeting be anonymous. The great majority of the Board disagreed with this request as they believe that it is important to have a record of voting to insure that all votes are proper and accurately counted. The Board agreed not to change the current voting procedure.

• Meeting adjourned.

Download Budget Changes – Discussed and Approved

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