Feb 12, 2011 Meeting Minutes


The meeting was called to order by President John Doub at 10:00AM at the Corolla Library main conference room. Attendees were John Doub, Jim Blaylock, Frank Cetera, Bernadette McLouglin, Dan Hunt and Vicki & Dick Garvey for the Management Co. The meeting agenda had been published earlier via the Management Company.

Item #1: Community Comments/Concerns for Board Consideration
The first 30 minutes of this meeting was allocated for VOH Homeowners to speak to the BOD.

The regular BOD meeting was called to order by President John Doub at approximately 10:00 AM.

Item #2: Board Meeting Minutes
2a. There were two versions of the January 14, 2011 Minutes to consider. There was a lengthy discussion on the events that led to having two versions to consider. The BOD voted against the first version (original MOM by Dan Hunt). The BOD voted favorably for the “revised” version.

2b. The BOD agreed not to amend the Dec MOM, but instead agreed to make the following statement in the Feb MOM: The VOH incurred a cost of $1554.50 for legal fees relating to clarification of challenges to the election of 2011 Board Members.

Item #3: Motion to approve Owner Equality Resolution
The following (amended) motion was submitted by John Doub, second by Jim Blaylock: “The Board of Directors of the Villages at Ocean Hill reaffirms that it will not favor one property owner’s opinion over another, whether or not they reside in Corolla, understanding that all property owners have an equal stake in the community. Thus, the Board will address property owner’s needs on an equitable basis”

The motion was approved as amended (in italics).

Item #4: FireWise
4a. VOH’s Fire Wise Task Force provided to the Management Company 2 signs to be installed at locations TBD by the Task Force.

4b. John discussed and the Board agreed to notify adjacent property owners that the county plans to cut a 20 foot firebreak along the estuary on the North West side of VOH. The firebreak is being done by the county, on their property, and VOH has no right of approval or disapproval to this firebreak, if it is completed as planned. John will draft a letter to the affected owners.

4c. John Doub discussed that there may be State and County grant money available to clear the combustible fuel (underbrush, not trees) on the west side interior common space, also called the West Side Internal Pathway area, of VOH. John motioned, second by Jim, to seek the potential grant money only, with action toward actual clearing to follow only upon further BOD agreement. The motion passed. John will handle the grant application.

Item #5: Westside Internal Pathways
Bernadette offered a motion (as written in the agenda) regarding construction of the Westside common space into pathways. No second, by request of the VOH President. During discussion of the cost, it was agreed that the estimated cost included surveying the area. The estimated cost was increased from $12000 to $13000 to cover the potential cost of a VOH hired manager other than Dick Garvey (he may be too busy) to manage this project. This total does not include a formal survey ($1300). It was agreed that the project would be fully completed, and final costs would be included as incremental to the 2011budget. Details on where the funds will be taken from the 2011 budget were reserved for a later BOD discussion and vote. It was also agreed that clearing the common space area would conform to VOH EC policies on trees that can/cannot be removed. Dan read a written list of his personal concerns regarding this project, and offered this list to be entered into the meeting minutes.

Dan then offered a second motion, per a written document, that effectively asked to postpone a vote on the internal pathway, and for the opposition to withhold any legal action, until March 26 (date of the next BOD meeting), during which time both sides would enter into non-binding arbitration to seek a common resolution. No second was received.

John stated that due to concerns about personal safety, etc. that the vote would be conducted via secret ballot, and that in accordance with our Bylaws no second was required. The secret ballots were read in private by Vicki, witnessed by Dan as Secy. The motion passed. John motioned, second by Jim, that the secret ballots have been read and recorded, and should be destroyed. Motion passed. Secret ballots were then destroyed to insure personal safety regarding the vote.

The final approved motion, as amended in italics, is below:

“Motion to clear and develop the Westside common space into pathways that will be 4’ to 5’ wide by 4” deep (crush and run). Where the common space is less than 15’ no path will go, and in the middle of this communal space the path will circle the large inner areas. The entire 20’ easement will be cleared of litter, personal property of others and fire fuel, but trees and vegetation that are beneficial will be left. The center area beyond the 5’ width of the path will only be cleared of litter.

The pathway will be aligned to dead center of the communal property, but deviate as needed to save trees. No elevations will change, except where drainage from adjacent properties can be improved.

Signage will be erected as needed that is consistent with what is used throughout our community to inform others about path entrances, our rules and the fact that it is all private property.

Estimated cost of the project is $13000. “

Item #6: Motion to approve “Buy-In” Amendment to By-Laws as proposed by Tom Lutton via Dan Hunt
Dan offered a written document outlining a proposed change to our ByLaws to clarify the details of the Buy-In requirement for new lots added to VOH subsequent to the original plat. Dan motioned, second by Jim to accept the proposed ByLaw change. Motion passed. John agreed to draft a letter including the new Buy-In details and send to the realtor for Jim Bickford, and directly to Jim Bickford at MidLantic Builders. The By Laws change for Buy-In will be posted on the VOH website for owner review, per By Law requirements for changes.

Item #7: Phase VI Storm Water Control Recommendation
Dick described the current design basis for this project. Currently, street flooding at the intersection of Windance Lane and Homeport Ct. is the worst area of street flooding in VOH. Dick and Bill Robinson have discussed options with Barnhill Inc. and have agreed on an initial solution. They will install a grated drain basin in Homeport Ct. West taking water underground to the east side of NC-12 and into a rip-rap stone area to settle into the open space there. If this is not completely successful, an additional swale or pipe may be required in 2012. Costs may exceed the $15000 budgeted. As this is an existing project, no motion was required. The BOD approved the plans as proposed.

Item #8: Long Range Planning Committee Update
Bernadette has taken over and “recharged” the LRPC for 2011. Members are Ralph Cavallaro, Fred Stumph, Dave Bova, Tim Cairone, Jeff Spokes, JoAnna Tucker, and Paul Stuart.

8a. VOH Website Improvement. Jeff Spokes is working on outlining a basic specification for what we want in an improved VOH website. It will use other local websites as a model (Corolla Light, Monterey Shores, etc.). Jeff is a VOH home owner and has extensive experience in website design.

8b. Tennis Court Conversion. Bernadette has taken the leadership of this project and a contractor has been selected. The project will be completed before the summer rental season and within the budget. Board agreed to add chairs or benches to the Sports Court area.

Item #9: Landscape Committee Update

Jim Blaylock and Beth Lutton discussed 2011 status and plans which include landscaping the last two undeveloped cul-de-sacs, and improving the landscaping at the intersection of Lakeside Drive and NC-12 (near the estuary) where the Multi-Use Pathway was built in 2010. Improvements in landscaping are needed at the Ocean Side Pool parking area. Fran Hamilton has joined the Landscape Committee for 2011.

Item #10: Environmental/Architectural Committee Update
Dan Hunt provided a brief update. Cyn Cygler , Ralph Ashton, ET Smith, and new member Fran Hamilton are managing this activity very well. Two letters have been written to home owners who have so far failed to reach agreement with the EC on dates to complete their Maintenance work as specified by the EC. A spreadsheet of progress was provided for review by the BOD. Fran Hamilton has joined the Environmental Committee for 2011.

Item #11: Miscellaneous
11a. Dick completed letters and a map of beach access to be sent to VOH homes where trespassing onto OH-1 property have been observed. OH-1 has enacted new preventive actions, including issuing police citations to any trespassers into OH-1.

11b. As per item#6 above, Dick is preparing letters to Bickford’s real estate agent and to MidLantic builders notifying them in writing of our enhanced Buy-In rules.

11c. Purchase of grass carp for Crystal Lake is planned for completion by May 2011.

11d. VOH is soliciting a proposal for possible enhancements at Sharkeys, to include outsourcing to provide a more expansive food operation there. A proposal is due in time for Board review at the March 26 BOD meeting. No decision has been or will be made without a full VOH BOD review.

11e. Replacement of old RR ties with concrete curbing is included in the 2011 budget. Dick is managing this effort with local suppliers and expects to stay within budget. The RR ties at Headwind Way and NC-12 are not scheduled for replacement. Others where trash trucks have damaged them will be replaced.

Item #12: Management Company

12a. Vicki proposed “no change” to the existing procedures for how the Landscape Committee budgets, and spends their funds. The Board agreed. The Landscape liaison to the Board (Jim Blaylock) will be the Board’s control over contracting and spending.

12b. 2011 Capital Projects Review. Dick discussed the 2011 Capital Projects in the budget, and expects to meet these within budget. There are guidelines from the County regarding pool fences that might require minor, but unbudgeted, modifications at our two pools.

Meeting adjourned at approximately 1:30PM

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