Feb 11, 2010 Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order at 5:20 p.m. by Dan Hunt. Fran Hamilton, Ron Mason, John Doub, and Jim Blaylock were present. Dick and Vicki Garvey of North Beach Resort Management were also present.

Dan moved that the amended minutes from the 21 Jan 10 meeting be approved. Unanimous approval vote by the BoD.

Dick led the discussion regarding several topics:
Estimate for materials and labor to install sand fence on the 20 oceanfront lots has been received; cost is $4500 with Larry Wickline performing the work. Sand fence is already in place at the VOH accesses.
• BoD discussed whether to perform this now, or postpone it until later in the spring when there is less likelihood of a nor’easter damaging the fence. Agreed that sooner is better than later, within 30 days, in order to reap the benefits of the fence immediately.
• John motioned that the BoD approve this immediate installation, and suggested that the BoD communicate to the owners that this is a one-time emergency measure, and that we encourage the owners to do additional sand fence as needed in the future.
• Fran seconded the motion, and the BoD approved unanimously.

Confirmed that there is approximately $17K-$18K available for actions related to stormwater management in this year’s budget.
• John will obtain and updated cost estimate and specification sheet for the proposed sports court, and will discuss this in a future meeting.

Although VOH suffered surface flooding from the recent storms, no storm water was known to be inside homes.
• Storm Water Task Force will move forward with completion of the swale which runs from NC12 at the Estuarine Reserve west towards Crystal Lake.
• Two areas which may need action soon after completion of the main swale are near the intersection of Lakeside Drive and Lost Lake Lane, and in the vicinity of Windance Lane and Homeport Court East.
• Initial focus of SWTF efforts will be to remove water from VOH streets.
• Per Dick, Mark Thompson is recommending a contractor that can perform the swale work. Also, Dick relayed that it was Nils Ladenburg’s position that no permit is needed to maintain the sediment pond in Phase 5; Nils may be able to have this work performed.

Jim will work with Vicki to study the 2010 budget and the Reserve Study.

Arbitration is completed in the lawsuit against a property owner who neglected to follow EC policies and procedures. Dan motioned that the BoD agree to recommend approval by the Environmental Committee when the proper documents (as built survey) are submitted.
• John seconded the motion; BoD approved unanimously.

Environmental Committee will receive additional training and discussion will be conducted at a 2/13 meeting to review approximately 55 non-compliant items requiring follow-up.
• Dick will provide a spreadsheet documenting the violations and their current status.
• Dick and the EC will prioritize these items, and the BoD will audit.
• Vicki recommended that VOH press for immediate removal of diseased pine trees, and not wait for the individual homeowners to have them removed, due to the nature of the disease that is killing the pines.

The use of the Fitness Center by private trainers and their clients has been addressed, and Vicki has the policy in place for this occurrence.
• The BoD agrees there is no current need for implementation of an armband system for the VOH facilities due to cost.

Kevin Dockendorf, District 1 Fisheries Biologist of the NC Wildlife Resources Commission, has recommended monthly testing and periodic stocking of the lake with specific types and quantities of fish.
• Cost of the testing kits is approximately $100.
• Cost of the restocking the grass carp is approximately $900.
• John motioned to purchase the kits and an initial quantity of grass carp fish to total approximately $1000.
• Jim seconded the motion; the BoD unanimously approved.

Discussed the availability of a defibrillator at the FC
• Questions remain regarding whether underwriter will cover our use of this, if the insurance cost will increase, and what is the cost of the equipment.
• Per Everett, there is no liability issue; Vicki will check with insurer.

John requested and received authorization to review the county’s fledgling golf cart ordinance, and to draft a VOH policy governing same.

John will check with Rescue Squad regarding the large cross painted on High Dune Loop, which appears to indicate a potential landing zone for rescue choppers.

Next BoD meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, 17 Mar 2010 at 5:15pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm.

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