Dec 7, 2010 Meeting Minutes


Present – Dick and Vicki Garvey, Dan Hunt, Jim Blaylock, Fran Hamilton, Ron Mason, Bernadette McLaughlin, Frank Cetera

Absent – John Doub

The meeting opened with a brief presentation from Matt Broughton about potentially converting Sharkey’s snack bar to a restaurant with hot, made-to-order food available. Matt is a successful Corolla restaurant owner. He will prepare a proposal with estimated costs for BOD consideration in 2011.

It was noted that the minutes of the previous meeting will be approved via e-mail.

The tentative date for the first meeting of the 2011 Board is January 14th (Friday) at 1:00 p.m.

The next item of business was the contract renewal for 4 years for the management company (North Beach Resort Management, Inc.) After a discussion during which Board members praised the performance of the management company, a motion was made by Dan Hunt and seconded by Jim Blaylock to renew the contract under the terms requested and discussed. John Doub voted in absentia via email to approve the contract and its terms prior to the meeting. The motion was unanimously approved.

A thank you letter to the Currituck County Commissioners and the Planning Board was presented for signature by Board members and the management company to be sent by the management team to Currituck County Commissioners and the Planning Board in appreciation for securing funding and overseeing the construction of the multi-use pathway through VOH and Historic Corolla.

The next discussion concerned the very successful 2010 storm water drainage project and follow-up issues. Dick Garvey gave an update on the project and discussed how the project’s 2010 budget was impacted by overruns (e.g., cost to re-seed trenches in fall due to lack of summer rain, cost to re-dig trenches due to heavy rain storms in later part of the year, etc.), but noted that the overall 2010 budget would come in as planned. Dick will give a more detailed recommendation in early 2011 for storm water projects planned and budgeted in the 2011 budget.

The High Dune Loop beach access pathway enhancement project was discussed and is proceeding as planned within the estimated budget. An update will be given to the 2011 board on the completion of this project.

Vicki reported that a homeowner was hurt when her shoelace caught on a nail on the front porch causing her to fall. Dick has examined the fitness center decking and secured all the additional nails that were beginning to protrude. Vicki and Dan have both spoken to the homeowner to wish her a speedy recovery and to insure that she is aware that VOH has insurance if needed.

Another homeowner sent an e-mail to the Board suggesting a special homeowner opening time for the Fitness Center and an additional weight curling bench. This request was deferred to 2011.

President Dan Hunt walked the current and future board members through the ongoing work list spreadsheet that the 2010 Board used to keep abreast of current and completed projects. Issues discussed included the health of the VOH lake, buy-ins for developers, by-law revisions that may be undertaken in 2011, foreclosure liens, golf cart guidelines, public signage, the trash can roll-back program, the tennis court conversion project, e-mail voting & website issues, Environmental Committee issues, and other more general topics.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Fran Hamilton

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