August 7, 2013 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday August 7th at 6:30pm
Present in Person: Linda Flannery, Dave Halla, Johanna Tucker, Dick & Vicki Garvey
Present by Phone: Stephen Hill and Bob Voldish

The Board voted unanimously to approve May Board Minutes.

The 2013 YTD Budget and proposed 2014 Budgets were discussed:

• Trash Rollback Service. We are being charged approximately $4,200 for the May through September time period plus Thanksgiving and Christmas. The Company contracted with charges $1 per house per Saturday. To provide the service for the entire year it would cost approximately $9,000. As usage in the off-season would be significantly less it was decided to limit the service to the May-September time period.
• It was reported that the Fitness Center charges a variety of rates for memberships for Corolla residents ($30 per month; $60 for three months; $120 for six months; or $200 per year). We can look at possibly raising that rate, though Vicki reported that the impact on Fitness Center revenue would be minimal since only a very small percentage of users are Corolla residents.
• It is expected that 9 new lots will be added to the assessment pool in 2014 as it appears that Bickford has sold nine of his new lots.
• The Management Company will make a recommendation to the Board about how to recruit and transition to a new Management Company who will begin in January, 2015. NBRM plans to end their contract with VOH on 12/31/2014.
• The Landscape Committee requested an additional $2,500 for projects in 2014. The Board decided to grant them an additional $1,250.
• Other potential revenue generators were discussed including: production of a brochure for which advertisers are sought and outsourcing of Sharky’s to an operator who would pay rent to VOH. The Board will give further consideration to these options over the next couple months.
• Last year’s Board chose not to address the underfunding of the Reserves that was identified in the 2012 Reserve Study and neglected to vote to accept it. The 2013 Board must vote as to whether or not to accept and fund the 2012 Reserve Study. The Board will review the study over the next couple days and vote on its acceptance by email (NOTE: The Board voted by email subsequent to this meeting to accept and fund the 2012 Reserve Study. Doing so requires that an additional $50 per lot be allocated to the reserves as they are currently being underfunded.)
• The Board voted to increase assessments in 2014 by $100 per lot with $50 being allocated to reserves and $50 to Operations. It was noted that the Management Company has done a good job controlling costs, but that inflation has necessitated this increase.

Street Maintenance:
• Dave Halla and Dick Garvey have looked at all the roads in the community and have rated them. Most roads are in good shape with a few exceptions that will be taken care of in the fall.
• The reserve study recommends road sealing which hasn’t been done in 5 or 6 years. We should seal at least half of the roads in 2014. Dick will get bids and is requesting a budget of $35,000 to do so in 2014.

Capital & Maintenance Projects 2013/2014:

• The Board agreed that the cracks in the Roads will be fixed in the fall.
• Sports Court Cracks- The vendor hired by Bernadette McLoughlin, former Board Member, to install the Sports Court agreed to repair the cracks, but has not done so and now will not even respond to calls and emails. We can try to repair or decide on a new use for that space.
• Lakeside boardwalk has been pressure washed.
• Rear side of fitness center requires painting as it is peeling which will be done this fall. The most likely cause is from rainwater. We are going to look into installing gutters along rear roof line. The shakes need to be scraped, father sanded, primed and stained and stained to match. This should be done in 2013.
• Small leak in fitness center roof needs to be addressed in 2013.
• Fitness center decking needs to be pressure washed and stained. Will plan for 2014.
• Fitness center railings need to be pressure-washed and stained. Need to do in 2013 or 2014.
• Replace railroad ties. Dave Halla will see if he can get these.
• Assess need to replace floors in oceanfront pool building bathrooms. We will do this in 2014.
• Replace split/rear door of oceanfront pool building. This will be done in 2014.
• Replacing doors at lakeside and oceanfront pool buildings will be done in 2014.
• We must fix the sinking concrete apron/deck around oceanfront pool and the sinking wood deck around lakeside pool. It was cited as a trip hazard by the state and must be remedied prior to opening the pools in 2014.
• Electrical issues in both pool buildings need updating. Will do in 2014.
• Replace shingle on oceanfront building will push to 2015.
• Install spring-loaded faucets on outside showers due to high water bill. Will do in 2013.
• Replace deck boards on western portion of oceanfront raised boardwalk. Will do in 2014.
• Fourwinds volleyball net has been replaced.
• Vegetation killer needs to be applied to tennis & sports court area.
• Re-paint lines on sports court parking lot.
• All street signs have been refurbished.
• We need to replace many stop signs.
• We need to address the main Westside entrance (intersection of NC12 and Ocean Hill Blvd. West) – at the intersection of the County’s multi-use path by significantly trimming bushes in order to dramatically improve visibility of pedestrians & bikers. This needs to be done now.
• Storm Water Drainage Maintenance will need to be done in 2014.
• Weed whacking around the community in various spots.

The Board has no issue with ice cream trucks in the community and will not ban them.

We will look into new labels for trash cans stating collection dates.

At the recommendation of the Management Company, seriously past due assessments have been referred to legal.

Meeting adjourned.

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