Aug 20, 2010 Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order at 5:20 p.m. by Dan Hunt. Fran Hamilton, Ron Mason, John Doub, and Jim Blaylock were present. Dick and Vicki Garvey of North Beach Resort Management were also present.

July minutes will receive corrective input via email when reviewed by BoD and NBRM.

Next BoD meeting was scheduled for 8 Oct 2010 at 5:15pm.

Group discussion of topics as indicated:

• 2010 income greater than projected, but expenses (litigation, pool pump, treadmill repair) showed an increase as well. VOH may be able to add $1750 to reserves for 2010.
• Vicki discussed 2010 Operating Budget stats as of 7/31/2010
• Dan inquired whether VOH had received funds due from a homeowner action; Vicki to check on this.
• Vicki discussed 2011 Operating Budget and Capital Budget
• Operating Budget forecasted to show slight decline in both revenue and expense.
• Capital Repair and Replacement Fund Budget set to fund the following:
– Homeport Court Drainage
– Sports Court
– Mid-Sandcastle beach access repair
– Replace OF pool building roof
– Repair OF pool building concrete
– Seal coat OF parking lot & Stillwind Ct
– Repair common area railroad ties
– Repair concrete flatwork
• John motioned to approve 2011 Budget. Ron seconded. BoD approved unanimously.

Fall Meeting Agenda:
• Possible speaker invitations include mid-County bridge representative and Jason Banks from Sheriff’s office
• Discuss results from guest surveys
• Similar agenda to previous meetings

BoD election:
• Only one applicant thus far; deadline for nominations is 21 August.
• Need to refine rules for what happens after BoD member serves two terms, and if a potential BoD member also serves as a committee chairman.

Reserve Study:
• Jim indicated the need for community education regarding the Reserve Fund, its need, and what the funds are used for.
• Jim, Dan, and Dick to meet and analyze Reserve Study

Sports Court:
• John to mark tennis courts 3&4 to indicate proposed sites of features, to include a “fall zone” around the perimeter.
• An option may be to save one tennis court and put shuffleboard, etc on the other.

• Actions largely complete with exception of Homeport Court. A consultant will look at Homeport.
• River rock and seeding still needed in a few locations

High Dune Loop walkway:
• Discussed benefits/shortcomings of concrete vs. crush-n-run
• John offered endless supply of crushed concrete
• Work with state to have crosswalk established there.

Bylaw governing Wind Turbine use:
• Bylaw completed
• Bylaw governing golf cart use
• Need to promulgate policy for community comment
• John and Dick will research further and make recommendations.

• Will check survey results for potential projects and seek volunteers

Past-due assessments:
• Threatened a homeowner with foreclosure action for $4,700 lot assessments in arrears. 2d legal action for this homeowner. Owner has offered to utilize a monthly payment plan.
• BoD agreed to accept payment plan.
• Plan will be sent by Vicki to attorney for review
• One other owner currently in arrears.

Signage at Sharky’s:
• BoD will abide by County regulations regarding signage, but will still actively seek methods to increase Sharky’s revenue.

Guest complaints regarding year-round residents:
• Several incidents reported in Lakeside area
• Will discuss at Fall meeting, and emphasize the importance of renter relations
• Considering sending a letter to a resident homeowner regarding letting his dogs run free, to put homeowner “on notice”

Access thru OH1:
• Dan/BoD will not sign anything regarding trespassing from VOH to OH1
• Seek assistance from rental management companies regarding misleading maps that imply there is beach access at locations where there is not.
• Multi-use pathway
• John to install rumble strips to assist safety efforts
• County needs to remove debris from behind shrubs at W. Ocean Hill Blvd.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15pm

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