April 8, 2010 Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order at 5:15 p.m. by Dan Hunt. Fran Hamilton, Ron Mason, John Doub, and Jim Blaylock were present. Dick and Vicki Garvey of North Beach Resort Management were also present.

Dan moved that the minutes from the 17 Mar 10 meeting be approved. Unanimous approval vote by the BoD.

Next BoD meeting was scheduled for 20 May 2010 at 5:15pm.

Dan led the discussion.

Agenda for spring community meeting is set

Postponement of sports court to be explained

Tennis courts 3 & 4 are not viewed to be a safety hazard at this time.

Allocation of $47,850 for Storm Water Control Project phases 1-6 discussed:
• Option 1 for funding involved transfer of $31,850 from Capital Reserve Account, along with $3K from projects originally planned for 2010, but paid for & implemented in 2009 with funds freed-up by positive variances to the 2009 Budget, $3K from postponement of asphalt repair to Sandcastle Drive, and $10K already budgeted in 2010 for storm water control.
• Option 2 for funding involved reallocation of $18K from sports court project, reallocation of $3K from postponement of asphalt repair to Sandcastle Drive, $3K gained by 2010 projects completed in 2009 with money from positive budget variances, $10K already budgeted in 2010 for storm water control, and infusion of previously unbudgeted $13850 from the Capital Reserve Account .
• Phase 7 (Windance & Homeport Court) does not have a practical solution at this time.
• Decision made not to borrow needed, unbudgeted 2010 funds, but to instead transfer unbudgeted amount ($31,850 or $13,850) from the Capital Reserve Budget.
• Storm Water Control Plan will be posted on Internet.
• Disposition of organic spoils undecided at this time
• Use of a homeowner’s property for portion of the project will be accompanied by a signed authorization
• Ron moved to approve Option 2 (described above) funding for phases 1-6. John seconded, and the motion was unanimously passed.

Long Range Work list was reviewed briefly.

There is no status change for past due assessments owed by two VOH owners.

Multiuse pathway anticipated to be completed by 31 May.
• Still determining how to reroute irrigation and wiring for the landscaped berms.
• 66 trees are to be planted between Estuarine and south VOH border.

Comments on the new EC policy on wind turbines will be invited at the spring meeting.

Realignment of access pathway from High Dune Loop (NC12) to Sandcastle Drive is tentatively set for late spring 2010. This will remedy the current encroachment of Lot 194.

Draft policy on use of golf carts within VOH was reviewed:
• Rules would generally follow county code, with additions noted below
• Carts must be registered w/ VOH
• Carts must be owned by VOH residents; no rental carts
• Only VOH owners and family may operate carts
• Automobile parking regulations and restrictions apply
• Carts may not be used to directly access the beach, or to transit through adjacent communities.
• Carts not permitted on non-paved walkways or paths, or around the tennis courts and playground.
• Possible exemptions in cases involving handicapped persons.
• Violations will result in 15 day suspension of permit for 1st offense, and 30 days for second.

2009 EC Violations status was reviewed:
• 20 items are pending resolution, 28 items are resolved, 11 items are unresolved, and 3 items have been postponed until late 2010 or 2011

Initial testing of Crystal Lake performed on 20 March had good results. Ordering of grass carp on hold pending cooler temperatures.

Consideration being given to the overhaul/reorganization of Long Range Planning Committee.

Conversion of tennis courts 3 & 4 to a sports court is on hold for future year budgeting.

Addition of defibrillator and blood pressure machine for Fitness Center is on hold.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00pm.

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