April 21, 2012 Meeting Minutes


Overview of Meeting:
This Board meeting was the fourth meeting of the 2012 Board. The meeting was held at the VOH Fitness Center. It began at 1 pm and ended at 2 pm. All Board Members were present except Frank Cetera. NBRM was represented by Vicki Garvey. The primary purpose of the meeting was to discuss final preparations for the General Membership meeting taking place at 3 pm this day and to make further revisions to the January 7th Board minutes.

Pool Redo
The management company notified the board that they had signed a contract with B&P Services to redo the white coating on the pools with the agreement of the president of the board after providing her with a detailed action plan. The board previously decided that a redo was more economical than a repair. Estimate for the redo is $25K.

Minute Edits
The January 7th minutes will be revised to show it was the Long Range Planning Committee who was exploring ways to earn income from the new Web site.

Home Survey
Board agreed to consider having a home owner survey performed if someone will volunteer to be the leader of the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC). The LRPC would have to perform the survey, analyze the results, and develop a list of recommendations for the board.

Committee Term Limits
Board agreed to form a committee that will evaluate the need for a new policy to establish a consistent set of term limits for committee leadership and membership.

Bocce Ball Court
Bocce ball courts are in the 2012 Budget and will hopefully be completed before the start of the season. Equipment is not rented but owners and guests must provide documentation to ensure its return since the equipment is expensive.

West Side Paths
The management company recommended to the Board that the maintenance of the “crush ‘n run” community pathways be transferred to the Landscape Committee as the tasks associated with such maintenance was in line with those managed by the Landscape Committee and since weed spraying requires a license. The board agreed that additional work on the West Side paths (such as landscaping, additional crush and run) is required and these will be prioritized by the Board.

Membership Meeting Preparation
General discussion on logistics.

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