April 10, 2011 Spring Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order at 3:05 p.m. by Dan Hunt. Fran Hamilton, Jim Blaylock, John Doub and Ron Mason were present. Dick and Vicki Garvey of North Beach Resort Management were also present, as well as approximately 25 members of the community.

The 2009 Spring Community Meeting minutes were approved unanimously.

BoD President Dan Hunt welcomed the residents, and introduced the Board members and North Beach Resort Management:
• Introduced the Environmental Committee members, and acknowledged the old committee
• Introduced Landscape Committee
• Introduced Long Range Planning Committee members, and briefly discussed the need to reorganize the LRPC
• Discussed Policies and Procedures
• EC home maintenance inspection procedures
• Wind Turbine policy is a work in progress, by Dan
• Golf cart policy also a work in progress, by John
• Discussed Legal issues
• A homeowner suit for ec violations arbitrated
• Past due assessments will receive property liens
• Greenway multiuse path is approved and work is beginning
• General discussion topics
• Storm Water Task Force is in place
• UDO is being rewritten by the County
• Possible Corolla Fun Park
• Mid-County bridge may be reality by 2015
• No decision yet on OBX landing site
• No large scale widening of NC12
• Spent $4,000 for sand fence to mitigate beach erosion
• What is the legal policy regarding walking on the dunes? Residents have been told by Sheriff’s deputies that it is actually legal.
• Long Range projects are mandated by Reserve Study
• Shipwreck update (1600’s wreck found on OH-1 beach)
• Need community assistance in preventing trespassing into OH-1

Vicki Garvey presented Treasurer’s Report:
• 2009 files are being audited
• Discussed assessments
• Dues are being paid at quicker pace, but total $$ owed is higher
• 21 owners still owe at present time; discussed collections process
• 11 liens have been filed, totaling $34,000

Fran Hamilton discussed the Greenway Multiuse Pathway:
• Deadline for completion is 31 May; Barnhill is the contractor
• VOH will be losing a portion of the Ocean Hill Blvd W berms
• Main concern is the irrigation system
• 66 trees will be planted in September
• Pocket park is incorporated in the plan
• No lighting is currently planned
• No current plans to extend pathway to High Dune Loop
• Discussed the need for signage & marked crosswalks
• Need stop signs for pathway at Ocean Hill Blvd W

Storm Water Control:
• In 2007, Sandcastle flooding was addressed
• In late 2009, the Storm Water Task Force was established
• All but phase 7 will be completed by 01 June 2010 (chart was discussed)
• Discussed why phase 7 is last – it has no obvious easy solution
• Future BoD’s will need to commit to maintain the improvements
• Discussed the expenses (handout presented)
• Bill Robinson showed maps that included the SWTF water routing

Committee Reports:

Environmental Committee:
• Cyn Cygler discussed the fall home maintenance tour that she, E.T., and Ralph will conduct

Landscape Committee:
• Chriss Blaylock discussed transplanting items from the greenway, and urged residents to be good custodians and clean up debris.
• Clearwater and Fairwinds cul-de-sacs will be completed

Long Range Planning Committee:
• Dan discussed the committee’s lack of past success, leading to it being reengineered
• Possible implementation of street captains and neighborhood watch

North Beach Resort Management report:
• Showed before and after pictures of improvements
• FC handicap ramp
• Lakeside pool building roof
• N. Sandcastle walkover – 50% complete
• Mid-Sandcastle walkover will be completed by 2010 season
• Oceanfront pool boardwalk and fence
• Sharky’s building redone
• Cyn Cygler asked about 2 sand walkways being boardwalked (south of lot 199, and then one from Sandcastle to the beach)
• Issue should be deferred to the LRPC
• Need to identify accesses and walkovers from the beach side, and have mile marker signs on beach
• Need to post signage on the lake – catch & release, and don’t feed bread to turtles

Discussed graphic showing the 2010 Capital budget expenditures of $78,000:
• $18K for sports court conversion delayed until 2011
• $3K for Sandcastle leveling delayed until 2011
• $13,850 will come out of the Reserve for the SWTF

Discussed summer readiness:
• Pool openings
• High Dune Loop beach access
• Seal coating Lost Lake Lane and Bearfoot Path
• Street repair on Windance
• N. Sandcastle walkover deck boards
• Signage for Fitness Center
• Check on possibility of lighting
• Welcome packet will include survey for guests to complete

Other business:
• Crystal Lake
• Sally and Arlene are communicating with Kevin Dockendorf regarding testing procedures and placing additional grass carp in the lake
• FireWise Program
• VOH has achieved certification
• Currituck Club is getting new street signs for ease of emergency identification, and this is something that VOH may do as well
• Can now apply for grants for firebreaks and other preventive measures.
• Wind turbines policy was originally designed to prohibit these items, but the revised policy that is in progress allows turbines but with restrictive wording
• Minimum lot size of 20,000 sqft rules out almost all VOH lots

Meeting adjourned at 5:15pm.

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